Privacy Policy


The Clubhouse Network places a very high value on your privacy, and takes its role in protecting your privacy online very seriously. This page describes the privacy policy for the Clubhouse Village and how we will and will not use your information.

Why we collect information

The Clubhouse Village is a dynamic, protected online community restricted to members of The Clubhouse Network community. We hope all participants in the Village will enrich it by:

  • Contributing their content (projects, images, stories, music, video, animations etc.)
  • Posting messages in discussions and sharing feedback with peers
  • Contributing and selecting one’s own content to share in a public profile (“portfolio”)

How we collect and use information

The following personal information is collected in the Village:

  1. Required Information:
    • Username and password you create just for the Village
    • Real name
    • Date of birth
    • The Clubhouse to which you are a member
    • Your preferred language
  2. Optional Information:
    • Picture and information about you for your profile
    • Hobbies and interests (“interest tags”)
    • Your locations
    • Languages spoken

Other information collected includes:

  • Messages posted in Village discussion groups
  • Media and content uploaded to the Village
  • Member-created content

Passive data collection

Cookies are small data files. Your browser may place a cookie on your computer when you visit a Web site to mark that you’ve been to that location. The Village views only the cookies that are set by our site, and they do not provide us with any personal information. These cookies help us collect aggregate data about the number of visitors to our site, how long the visitors stay, and which Web site features and activities are used the most often. You may choose to set up your browser to refuse cookies or to alert you when cookies are sent, but the Village depends on the cookie information, and many features may not work if you don’t have a Village cookie. In addition to this, we collect some information in the standard server logs that includes the IP address of your computer and the pages you visit on the Village.

What do we do with your information?

From time to time we may make use of member’s projects or artwork to promote The Clubhouse Network. When used to promote The Clubhouse Network, a particular piece of artwork will be associated with only the member’s first name, age, and their Clubhouse. We do not share any of your other personal data outside the Village. Inside the Village, your projects, messages and other content are what makes the Village a fun and exciting place to visit.

We will not sell, rent, or give your material or information to anyone else. We also do not have any third-party advertising on the Village. We may make use of information in the server logs and throughout the Village to improve your Village experience.

Links to other sites

The Village contains links to other sites. We have no control over the information they collect or how they use it. If you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to review their privacy policies.

How we protect personal information

In an effort to prevent unauthorized access, to maintain data accuracy, and to ensure the correct use of collected information, the Village has established appropriate electronic, physical, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online. Data is kept on the Village indefinitely; there is no mechanism to delete projects, as we hope members will find ways to iterate or update a project to feel comfortable re-sharing. However, it is possible for projects to be in “draft” mode where it is not viewable to other Village members. You may also contact us to request to cancel an account or remove content.

Cancelling your account

If you or your parent or guardian no longer want your information to be available on the Village, you may request that your account be removed. Please contact your Clubhouse Coordinator or the site administrators.

The Clubhouse Village is operated by The Clubhouse Network in Boston, MA.

Changes to this policy

From time to time, we may make changes to this policy. When such changes are significant, we will communicate them to you via the Village. If you have any questions, you may contact your Clubhouse Coordinator or the site administrators.